Surface modification of metallic Co nanoparticles

  • chair:

    Matoussevitch, N. / Gorschinski, A. / Habicht, W. / Bolle; J. / Dinjus, E. / Bönnemann, H. / Behrens S. (2007)

  • place:

    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 311 (2007), 1, 92–96

  • Date: 2007
  • Matoussevitch, N. / Gorschinski, A. / Habicht, W. / Bolle; J. / Dinjus, E. / Bönnemann, H. / Behrens S. (2007): „Surface modification of metallic Co nanoparticles“. In: Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 311 (2007), 1, 92–96




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Monodisperse Conanoparticles were synthesized by thermal decomposition in the presence of aluminium alkyls yielding air-stable Conanoparticles after surface passivation. Several procedures for surfacemodification of these pre-stabilized, metallicConanoparticles are presented, including direct anchoring of surface-active functional groups and biocompatible dextran layers as well as silica and polymer coatings. As a result, individually coated nanoparticles as well as microspheres can be obtained.