Direct conversion of methane to zeolite-templated carbons, light hydrocarbons, and hydrogen

  • chair:

    Liu, Y. / Huertas Osta, E. / Poryvaev, A. S. / Fedin, M. V. / Longo, A. / Nefedov, A. / Kosinov, N. (2023)

  • place:

    Carbon, Volume 201, 2023, Pages 535-541

  • Date: Januar 2023
  • Abstract

    Efficient direct valorization of methane to value-added chemicals and materials remains an unsolved challenge for modern chemistry and materials science. In this work, we explored direct non-oxidative conversion of methane to hydrogen, hydrocarbons, and valuable zeolite-templated carbon materials. First, using a set of spectroscopy and microscopy characterization tools, we investigated how the reaction conditions influence the process of carbon formation inside the typical zeolite-based catalyst Mo/ZSM-5. Then, we explored the effect of the zeolite topology on the growth of carbon materials from methane decomposition over Mo/MFI, Mo/MOR, Mo/BEA, and Mo/FAU templates. Finally, we applied the obtained insights to prepare high-quality zeolite-templated carbons directly from methane using Fe/BEA and Fe/FAU templates. Altogether, our results represent a carbon-economic method of methane conversion to COx-free hydrogen gas, a mixture of light aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, and valuable carbon materials.