Mitarbeiterbild Meriem Kassar Meriem Kassar / KIT

M.Sc. Meriem Kassar


Research topic:

Development of several synthetic receptor-incorporated impedimetric biosensor designs for simultaneous monitoring of acute kidney injury biomarkers

Project description:

A biosensor is an analytical device used to detect a chemical substance by combining two main components: a biological receptor and a physicochemical detector. Although biological receptors offer selective and sensitive detection of the target analytes, several drawbacks exist, such as their environmental susceptibility and high cost. Therefore, considerable efforts are made to mimic such molecular interactions with robust, synthetic receptors. Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) are the best-known synthetic, tailored artificial antibody mimics, which can be formed by synthesizing a polymeric matrix in the presence of a template species, such as molecules or larger aggregates. Depending on the application of interest, several methods (i.e., electropolymerization, photopolymerization) can be applied for MIPs production. Electropolymerization is an innovative technique that provides the controllable formation of MIPs on electrode surfaces, which is particularly appealing in biosensing. This project aims to develop several synthetic receptor-incorporated impedimetric biosensor designs to monitor acute kidney injury-related biomarkers simultaneously.


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