M.Sc. Benedikt Sapotta


Impedimetric characterisation of dielectric layers

In electrochemical sensor technology, the electrode surfaces used are usually functionalised with the aid of specially developed dielectric thin films, which are intended to ensure the robust detection of the target substance in complex environments. These sensors are used, for example, in chemocapacitive gas sensing or for the detection of biomolecules or even viruses and bacteria in label-free immunoassays.

The aim of my work is to develop an impedimetric evaluation methodology that can be used to determine the characteristic properties of dielectric thin films as a function of the chemical environment. The focus here is on novel nanoporous layers, which are being actively developed by chemists at the IFG and will be investigated for their suitability as sensor materials.







           Fig.1: Cross-sectional view of a

              coated electrode geometry

              Fig.2: Scheme of the evaluation methodology