Synthesis of antimicrobial peptides using the SPOT technique

  • chair:

    Winkler, D. / Hilpert, K. (2010)

  • place:

    Methods Mol Biol 618 (2010), 111-124

  • Date: 2010
  • Winkler, D. / Hilpert, K. (2010): „Synthesis of antimicrobial peptides using the SPOT technique“. In: Methods Mol Biol 618 (2010), 111-124


Developing new lead structures for drugs against multiresistant bacteria is an urgent need for modern medicine. Antimicrobial peptides are a class of drugs that can be used to discover such structures. In order to support development of this research, a fast, easy, and inexpensive method to synthesize peptides is necessary. The SPOT synthesis has the potential to produce the required peptide arrays, synthesizing up to 8,000 peptides, peptide mixtures, or other organic compounds on cellulose or other planar surfaces in a positionally addressable and multiple manner. Protocols for the preparation of cellulose membranes and the SPOT synthesis as well as cleavage of peptides from the support are described.



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