Assessing one-dimensional diffusion in nanoporous materials from transient concentration profiles

  • chair:

    Heinke, L. / Kärger, J. (2008)

  • place:

    New Journal of Physics 10 (2008), 023

  • Date: 2008
  • Heinke, L. / Kärger, J. (2008): „Assessing one-dimensional diffusion in nanoporous materials from transient concentration profiles“. In: New Journal of Physics 10 (2008), 023035




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The use of interference microscopy has enabled the direct observation of transient concentration profiles generated by intracrystalline transport diffusion in nanoporous materials. The thus accessible intracrystalline concentration profiles contain a wealth of information which cannot be deduced by any macroscopic method. In this paper, we illustrate five different ways for determining the concentration-dependent diffusivity in one-dimensional systems and two for the surface permeability.

These methods are discussed by application to concentration profiles evolving during the uptake of methanol by the zeolite ferrierite and of methanol by the metal organic framework (MOF) manganese(II) formate. We show that the diffusivity can be calculated most precisely by means of Fick's 1st law. As the circumstances permit, Boltzmann's integration method also yields very precise results. Furthermore, we present a simple procedure that enables the estimation of the influence of the surface barrier on the overall uptake process by plotting the boundary concentration versus the overall uptake.