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Director of the Institute

Prof. Dr. Christof Wöll

Prof. Dr. Christof Wöll

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phD-/Master projects
Stellenausschreibung Stellenart

- Modelling of Calcium-Silicate-Hydrate and Calcium-Silicate phases on silicon wafers, making it possible to investigate reactivity, stability and mechanical properties using first-principles calculations.
- Derivation of structure-activity relationships for chosen silanes.
- Development of new material models as a basis for the deeper understanding of properties, behavior, and thus performance of topo-chemical properties of amorphous mineral materials. 

PhD Position

Ziel der Promotion ist die Entwicklung eines prädiktiven Multiskalen-Simulation-Verfahrens zur Beschreibung elektrochemischer Effekte in porösen, leitfähigen Materialien sowie zur Integration der Modelle in fluiddynamische Simulationen kompletter elektrochemischer Module. 


As a group leader you will be responsible to establish a research group within one of the three main interest areas of the department (i) new membrane materials, (ii) membrane retention and fouling mechanisms, and (iii) membrane systems development 

Group leader

We are seeking to design, research, and develop photovoltaic-powered membrane filtration systems that are i) small-scale, ii) robust, iii) reliable, and iv) decentralised, which can ultimately be deployed in the remote areas of developing countries. 

PhD Position (Doktorarbeit) 

 Im Zuge dieser Doktorarbeit sollen die Eigenschaften der MOF-basierten Biomaterialien in Molekulardynamischen Simulationen quantitativ verstanden werden.

Ph-D Position

Proteinimmobilisierung an Modelloberflächen

Bachelor- / Masterthesis in cooperation with Helmholtzzentrum in Berlin


Masterrarbeit, Dauer 6 Monate nach Studienordnung


Masterarbeit, Dauer: 6 Monate nach Studienordnung

A research assistant is sought to help with some of the activities in the team.

Position is open to students without a completed degree 

Research an Fundraising Assistent (50-100%) Water Engineering in Development


Position is open to applicants with degrees from diverse backgrounds 

PhD students and Postdocs will work on one of the projects of SFB 1176" MolecularStructuring of soft Matter"

PhD Student / Postdoc

Magnetic Ion Exchange (MIEX) for Water Treatment Applications

Diplomarbeit / Masters Project

Development of analytical procedures for nano- (NF) and ultrafiltration (UF) membranes pore size characterization

Diplomarbeit / Masters Project

The aim of this project is to coat commercially available membranes with a polymer layer using Chemical Vapor
Deposition (CVD) Polymerization in order to tune the pore size and/or the chemical properties of the pores.

Diplomarbeit / Masters Project

Brackish Water Desalination by Capacitive Deionization and/or Electrodialysis

PhD Candidate