Institute of Functional Interfaces

Video/ Jonas Huebner 2016



Microbiological methods


  • Cultivation, isolation of microorganisms on selective nutrient media


  • Specific cultivation systems of indigenous bacterial populations from natural clay raw materials


Molecular biological analysis of bacterial populations


  • Extraction of specific microbial DNA from clay raw materials, minerals and surface materials


  • DNA-Fingerprint analysis of 16S-rDNA (PCR-DGGE)


  • Realtime-PCR (Taqman-PCR)


  • Sequence analysis of specific gens and identification of microorganisms




Imaging methods



  • AFM, atomic-force microscopy


  • BioAFM, simultanous detection of surface structure and fluorescence microscopy


  • Fluorescence-in-situ-hybridisation (FISH)


  • ESEM (environmental-scanning-electron-microscopy )



Metabolic activities


  • Enzyme activities: Detection of enzymatic metabolic activities in microbial populations by chromogenic and fluorogenic substrates



Mineralogic analysis


  • STA


  • XRD


  • CEC