SURMOFs for Optoelectronics

Group name: SURMOFs for Optoelectronics




  •  Metal-organic /organic thin films, Liquid-phase epitaxy
  •  Aggregation induced properties, Directional energy transfer, Charge separation
  •  Controlled photochemical reaction in crystalline structure
  •  Controlled polymerization in nano space
  •  Self-assembly of Aromatic diimides/porphyrins/pthalocyanins



Current Group Members:

Dr. Ritesh Haldar

Link: Google Scholar; Researcher ID

Ms. Hongye Chen (PhD)

Ms. Navneet Dua (BTech intern)

Ms. Muskan (BTech intern)


Past Members: Mr. Ritesh Sankhla (Int. BS-MS intern), Ms. Shreyasi Mittal (BTech intern),       Mr. William Clancy (Master’s), Mr. Gaurav Gupta (BTech intern), Mr. Arkendu Roy (Master's)






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