Dipl.-Math. Anne Lebhardt


  • Head of Development and Transfer
  • Research activities


  • Diploma in Mathematics at the Technical University of Darmstadt (TUD)
  • Diploma in mathematics with a major in engineering science at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Research activities


  • Development of probabilistic material models for predicting damage to buildings of the technical infrastructure
  • Mathematical modelling of reactive transport processes and damage mechanisms in cement-bound materials
  • Identification of the relevant damage mechanisms and the damage potential for different infrastructure areas and development of requirement profiles
  • Development of concepts for scientific implementation in companies in cooperation with the TMB

Research projects (selection)


  • Activities to Prevent Bio Film Formation on Construction Materials
  • Targeting Project – Identification and Integration of  Partners in Reseach and Ultilization in Innovation Processes – BMBF
    Term: 13/09 - 14/05
  • „Der gläserner Behälter“ (The Transparent Water Reservoir) – Developement of a Data Base to Assess Water Reservoirs
  • Foresight Innovation Communities - BMBF
    Term 15/06 - 17/10
  • Monument-Related Restoration of „Laufenmühle- Viaduct“ - Scientific Based Procedure to Evaluate Restoration Technologies
  • Modeling and Simulation of the Reactive Transport of Silane in Cement Based Materials


  • Lebhardt, A. (2009): Numerical Modeling of the Reactive Transport of Silanes in Porous Cement Based Systems; WTA