M.Sc. Ruijie Tan


Continuous ultrafiltration/diafiltration with SPTFF system

The circulatory system for living protein is supposed to provide the suitable growing environment (like nutrition) and also should be low cost, time-saving and environment friendly. Single pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF) is a promising technology to overcome currently existing hurdles in the design of fully continuous downstream processing schemes. However in the current SPTFF applications, diafiltration is implemented by two or more SPTFF units concentrating the feed by ultrafiltration and the local injection of diafiltration buffer in-between the SPTFF units, which result in the complex connected piping, sensors and control is demanding. Therefore, a separation module to realize the simultaneous concentration and buffer exchange has been developed.
A new type of SPTFF system consisting of two UF membranes in a high-resolution 3D-printed module allowing fully simultaneous ultra- and diafiltration without the need of intermediate concentration and dilution sections are studied. Both small and scaleup prototype of such system would be characterized by the resulting flux and the adjusted pressures in the module, afterwards the time course to achieve stationary status, finally the relationship between the concentration factor as well as buffer exchange degree and volume flow ratio in feed and effluent.


Fig 1. UF/DF system             Fig 2. Components of the       Fig 3. Scheme of the flow paths and                                             3D printed construction          different control points of developed                                                                                      two-membrane module for                                                                                       simultaneous ultra-and diafiltration


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