PhD thesis in chemical or bioengineering or process engineering

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    Development of a countercurrent flow reactor for continuous glycan synthesis using immobilised enzymes

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    PhD thesis

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    Institute of Functional Interfaces

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    For further information please contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Franzreb, IFG, phone 0721 608 23595 (

  • Activity description

    At the Institute of Functional Interfaces of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT-IFG), the Department of Bioprocess Engineering and Biosystems deals with the development, modelling and testing of novel devices, materials and processes for the optimised use of technical interfaces in the fields of biotechnology, bioprocess engineering and general process engineering.

    The doctorate is part of a joint project in the field of industrial bioeconomy with the aim of an automated enzymatic glycan synthesis using a novel, biohybrid platform technology. The core of the synthesis platform is the countercurrent flow reactor to be developed, which in turn is based on a membrane reactor developed at the Institute of Functional Interfaces. The main focus of the PhD project is on scalable concepts for the immobilization of enzymes, the tailored compartmentalization of immobilized enzyme cascades, the in situ removal of impurities and products, and in particular the design of an automated continuous flow reactor with high space-time yields for enzymatic syntheses. The experimental work will be accompanied by detailed multiphysics modelling and simulation of the processes within the reactor.

    Personal Qualification

    Successfully completed technical or scientific university studies, preferably in the field of chemical or bioengineering or process engineering.