2. Posterprize on IWA Conference in Essen

  • Autor:

    B.Sc. Siegfried Hohmann

  • Datum: 2014
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    2. Posterpreis IWA Konferenz 2014

    At the conference "The perfect slime - Nature, Properties, Regulation and Dynamics of EPS" of the International Water Association (IWA) on September 10-12, 2014 in Essen B.Sc. Siegfried Hohmann (Department of Interface Microbiology) was awarded with the second price for his poster entitled “Software routine allowing identification of extracellular biofilm proteins involved in cell adhesion based on data from QCM-D/MALDI experiments. In this conference, the latest state of knowledge regarding the functions, properties and characteristics of the biofilm matrix was presented in the context of ecological, health and antifouling perspectives.

    Mr. Hohmann developed a software routine, which allows the identification of the proteins that adsorbed onto a surface from bacterial supernatants. The adsorption process was monitored using QCM-D (Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring). After tryptic on chip digestion of the adsorbed proteins the peptides were analysed using MALDI-ToF/MS (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation Time of Flight Mass Spectroscopy). For the correct identification of the resulted peptides by data base alignment a self-made software routine was used. This routine was written in PHP and based on a XML database of theoretical peptides and their fragments.