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Head of the department


Prof. Dr. -Ing.
Andrea Iris Schäfer

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Department of Membrane Technology

The Membrane Technology department is focused on the application of membranes for water applications with the vision ‘Safe Water for All Children’. This means (I) new membrane materials with higher efficiency (Water, Energy) and controllable contaminant removal with longer membrane lifetime and reduced cost, (II) fundamental understanding of retention and fouling in complex and realistic water matrices that informs material development and process design; and (III) development of systems that operate long term in the most difficult circumstances (e.g. developing countries, natural disaster, extreme conditions) with adequate operation & maintenance, with technical, environmental, socio-cultural and economic sustainability.



Research groups


Expertise/Scope of Duties
Novel Membrane Materials
Prof. Dr.
Andrea Iris Schäfer

New polymers for water applications

Biomimetic Membranes

Nano-composite membranes

Retention and Fouling mechanisms
Prof. Dr.
Andrea Iris Schäfer

Micropollutant removal

Solute-solute interactions in environmental matrices

Fouling identification and control

System Development & Applications
Prof. Dr.
Andrea Iris Schäfer

Renewable energy powered membrane technologies

Hybrid processes  (e.g. adsorption, nanotechnology, advanced oxidation)

Decentralized Systems, water treatment, desalination, water reuse, rural water supplies





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