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Dr. Engelbert Redel

















SURMOFs/CCNCs Technology & Devices


The Redel research group at IFG/KIT is focusing on the following research areas:

SURMOFs and CCNCs (Conductive Coordination Network Compounds) for Technological Devices and green Energy applications:

  •  Hybrid Materials e.g. (NPs@SURMOFs) and composites for different applications, e.g. Photocatalysis, Water-Splitting or Light Harnessing


  • SURMOFs/CCNCs thin film materials and devices for Luminesence, Optics, Photonics and Optoelectronic based devices


  • Electrochemistry on SURMOF/CNCC materials and development of 2E (RRAMs), 3E (OFETs) and 4E Microelectronic systems and devices (E=Electrode)


  •  Electric- & Thermoelectric characterization of SURMOFs & CCNCs materials and thin films as well their implementation into novel hybrid TE devices


  • Green energy applications: photo-electrochemistry, water-splitting and combination of optical and electrochemical excitation at SURMOF and CCNCs electrodes/surfaces



Methods: scanning probe techniques (SEMs, TEM, AFM), High-Resolution Electron-Microscopy (HR-TEM), SE (Spectroscopic Ellipsometry), electrochemical methods: e.g. cyclic voltammetry (CV), linear sweep voltammetry (LSV), I/V characteristics, impedance, conductivity, Hall-measurements, electrical and resistive switching, charge transfer spectroscopy at interfaces.






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